About The Breed

British shorthairs are a very easy going breed of cat who really do enjoy the good life. 

Their calm and confident nature means they are suitable for a busy family home or a quiet single occupancy apartment. They are not a hyperactive cat, preferring to sit close to their owners rather than on them but they are very happy to simply laze around the home while their owners are out.British shorthairs do not require a lot of grooming as their fur does not tangle or mat easy. However, it is recommended that the coat is brushed occasionally especially during seasonal shedding.


 What are the differences between the males and the females?

 The males are big cats. They tend to be very easy going, freely giving and getting affection wherever they can find it and can be quite lazy when the mood takes them.

 The females, although big cats, are smaller than the males. They are usually more loyal to a smaller number of people and tend to be on the smarter side lol.

 Both the males and the females are loyal, smart, friendly and playful. Either sex will make the perfect companion for any family.

 How active are British Shorthairs?

 A Brit kitten will have a “normal” kitten activity level up to the age of around 1 year. After this they tend to slow down quite a bit and enjoy nothing better than a good snooze next to their owners on the sofa.

 Even as kittens they are not super hyperactive. They always love a good game of chase with a wand type toy or a ping pong ball, but generally that will quickly take its toll and a good snooze will soon be in order.

 Do British Shorthairs make suitable house cats?

 Without a doubt, the British shorthair makes an excellent house cat and we would encourage anyone thinking of owning one to consider this as an option. The laid back attitude and lazy nature means that they are probably more at home inside than out.