Show News 2018/ 19

1 & BOB Ashton’s Pawsome Typical Me.

OMG!!!! When I went down and looked at all 10 kittens in their respective pens, she was last in the row. But, I knew she would be my winner in the female class. I was so pleased, when out, that she proved me correct. Fantastic British Blue baby. I just loved her to bits!!! Everything is correct and the balance all round is complete. Wonderful round head, with outstanding type and superb British expression. Small ears, so nicely set, and beautifully rounded tops. Very nice top of head. Rich and round large copper eyes. Eyes one of her best features, and she knows just how to use them. She really took my breath away with those eyes and the head in general. Nose straight, short and quite broad. Correct nose break. Full round apple cheeks. Good bite and deep firm chin. So balanced this head. Cobby body with a straight back and short thick legs. Full pastel blue coat. Coat sound, short, full and very dense. Wonderful texture, so your hands get lost in this coat. Immaculate grooming. Not a hair out of place. Tail of good length and to nicely balance the body. Along with my wonderful Red & White Persian Bi-Colour kitten, they were my very best kittens in all three shows.

Pawsome Vanity Fair – Overall Best of Variety British Shorthair at the Preston and Blackpool cat club show 23.03.2019

I was honoured to judge the BSH BOV Adult, Kitten and Neuter choosing from a lot of nice cats, OBIGC Fergan Chivas Regal , Pawsome Vanity Fair & Xzibit Hairy Biker. My Overall went to a kitten I’dhave happily hidden and taken home! Vanity Fair is a blue cream of such great promise! Cream coming through but my word what lovely type bone and coat! One to watch! Well done Carla Ashton Owner/Breeder. In Top 3 of Overall Best In Show I hear.

Pawsome Blue My Mind – Best of Variety British kitten at the Maidstone and Medway cat club show 15.12.2018


4 mth 1 d. Blue Tortie girl with a very appealing rounded face, with, just emerging below the cheekbones, wee muzzle clad in demure, curving whisker pads. Neatest little rounded ears spaced well and tucked into the head’s contours. Large rounded eyes, dull gold at present. Profile shows a curving brow, short little muzzle, aligned chin and even, baby bite. Chunky little body and limbs and short tapering kitten tail. Coat already dense and thick, still a little long, attractive blue cream.


A blue and white girl coming up for 7 months old and of a good size weight and bone. Round head with well placed fairly small ears set in the rounded contours of her head. Straight nose, full rounded cheeks, level bite and a firm chin. Well placed round eyes, orange colour still developing, muddy shade today. Lovely broad chest, large cobby body with short legs, rounded paws and a short thick tail which was broader at the base tapering towards a rounded tip. Well prepared dense crisp coat which was quite a dark shade of blue. Her coat was two thirds colour to about one third white. White coming from an inverted v on her forehead covering her nose whisker pads muzzle chest and tummy. Legs mainly white with odd spots of colour on them. Excellent temperament and condition.


Cobby kitten. Apple round head showing very good type and lovely British expression. For balance her head is a tad small for her body size at the moment. Neat well set ears good width apart. Her eyes are round and the colour is developing. Short nose. Full round cheeks. Level bite good chin. Well boned body standing low and square on short strong legs and firm round paws. Balanced thick tail. Her coat even now at this young age is short thick and dense. Jet black in colour and already having a degree of crispness seldom felt in kittens of this age. She is a little poppet with a temperament to die for.

Pawsome Night Fever – Best of variety British kitten at the Cheshire Area cat club show 17.11.2018

1st CC and BOB to ASHTON & ASHTON’S Ch NOAH SENS LAVRES (BSH a, 13/11/2017)

A handsome chap who unfortunately was up on his toes temperament wise today. Took three separate goes to assess him for the CC but his good looks made me persevere! Young chap of good type with a round head of good breadth and depth. His muzzle is a good shape but a touch prominent with cheek fullness still to mature. Good rounded top of head and ears of correct shape but looking rather medium in size at present. Good round large eyes are a good orange with a good expression. Good profile with rounded brow and short straight broad nose and level deepish chin and correct bite. He is compact to medium in size and of good weight with some strength to his legs and a correct tail with rounded tip. His coat is very good short length and of good density and a firm to crisp texture. It is a sound mid blue- very nice. He was in good condition and I hope he starts to relax at shows soon as he is a handsome young chap and be great to see him as the finished article.

CC & BOB – Ashton’s NOAH SENS LAVRES (BSH a) M 13/11/17.

A promising young male, his size is good for his age. Well rounded head with good fullness to his cheeks, skull broad with small round tipped ears set to follow the contours of the head. Rounded brow with short broad nose, firm chin lines up and the bite is level. Super eyes, open and expressive with rich copper colour. Short strong neck, weighty body of cobby type with good breadth to the chest already, good bone to short legs with large round paws, tail with rounded tip to balance. True British blue colouring, a lovely medium blue that was free from tipping and sound to roots, short and dense and has some crispness to it. A handsome chap, it will be interesting to see how he has developed in another 6 months time. Excellent temperament and presentation.

Pawsome Snowdrop – Overall Best of variety British at the Chester and North Wales cat club show 11.08.2018


Blue Tortie and White. Cobby in shape, nicely balanced and standing on short strong legs with round firm paws. Round head with small neat ears that are spaced nicely apart. Round expressive orange eyes. Nose is short, broad and straight. Cheeks full and round with firm chin. Bite level. Coat is short, dense and crisp. Coat is nicely patched and is a dark blue with a slightly hot cream and white. White whisker pads and nose, white collar, chest and underparts. Tail showing both colours and it is thick, medium in length with a rounded tip.


Promising baby girl who is borderline on white to colour, but I would take her home in a heartbeat! Very pretty face and apple headed lass with very good ear set, small in size and has lovely fullness of cheek and rounding to muzzle. Expressive large round muddy brown eyes promising colour depth to come and set wide apart a short straight nose, bite is level chin firm. Cobby muscular body of super breadth and rounding to chest and flanks supported ably by short thick legs and fat round paws. Short thick fully coloured tail. Coat is fairly short, woolly texture, lovely soft delicate light blue to the patching and sound to roots. The patching is on her head and body like a blanket along the lower sides and around under tummy with white nose and chin, front legs and very thin strip along the tummy with almost 3⁄4 collar. Some colour to paws. Some scattered white hairs along the shoulder divisions of colour to white otherwise clean demarcation.

1 BOB Bradley’s Sheephhouse Rolo (BSH b) M 14.04.2018

Three month old lad who looks quite mature for his age. He has a round head with ears spaced well apart which are small and well rounded at the tip. Nicely rounded forehead leading to a short, straight nose with a nose break. Bold, round orange eye set well apart. His muzzle was well developed for his age, level bite and a firm chin. His has a cobby body and stands low on his legs. Round, firm paws with toes carried forward. Short, dense, rich coloured coat which is just a smidge soft in texture at present. Some ghost tabby markings in evidence. Medium length tail which is thicker at the base with a rounded tip. Lovely temperament.

1st & Best Of Breed Ashton’s Noah Sens Lavres (BSH a) Blue Male 13.11.2017

What a superb balanced and stylish, gorgeous kitten of excellent British type, just 6 1/2 months old. Round, broad head with good width between medium neat ears which fit well into the contours of his head with rounded tips. Gently rounded brow leading to a short, straight, broad nose and nose leather. His cheeks are still to fill with maturity but showing excellent roundness already with very good underlying bone structure. Broad, rounded muzzle width good width and developing fullness. Large round eyes, set wide apart and well opened, he has a super open gentle expression, his eye colour is a good orange. His head is set on a short thick neck, he has a super broad cobby body with a deep chest, broad across his shoulders and equally so his rump. Medium length full tail which is thicker the base rounded at the tip. He stands four square on short cobby thick legs with firm rounded paws. His coat is short with a very good degree of density and resilience though a touch kitten soft at present. He is a pale shade of blue showing silvering and banding to his coat which is otherwise completely sound to the roots. Shown in excellent condition. He really is a super example of the breed, very promising indeed.

Noah Sens Lavres – Best of Variety British kitten at the Merseyside cat club show 02.06.2018

1st & CC & BOB Mr & Mrs Ashton PAWSOME VELVET UNDERGROUND BSH n F 20/7/17

Well grown, solid and sturdy girl with good body development and balanced proportions. She has a round head, with chubby cheeks and rounded muzzle lines. The medium sized ears are well position, the tufts at the tips need attention. She has an open expression, calm and confident with big round copper eyes of an ideal shaped, size and position. The forehead is rounded and her nose short and broad, the chin could be that bit firmer. Her bite is level. She has sturdy limbs and rounded paws. She has a very good weight to her body which is well muscled with a fair width over the shoulders and rump. The tail is slightly short for balance. Her coat is scrunch and dense, a really pleasing texture and just the right length too. She is changing coats which may account for some brown tinges through the coat but she is essentially a matt black with fair levels of soundness. A most promising young female of very good type.


Black, litter sister to the girl below. Looking a little more developed than her sibling. Heer head rounding well just to fill out her cheeks, good chin & bite level. Ears are small & set well apart, Very owly on the eyes looking large & very round , intense vibrant orange. Body though not large was cobby & compact, good legs & paws, balanced tail. Excelletn shorter coat, good density. Very good black with some sheen evident. Charming manners & excellent condition. 

1st & Best of Breed – Ashton’s Pawsome Velvet Underground (BSH n) Black Female 20.07.2017

A promising compact female of 8 months with exemplary coat qualities. Medium sized round head, set on a short thick neck, which at present is just out of balance with her body which is very cobby and broad. Good roundness to her head and width between her ears, gentle rounded curve to her brow leading to a medium straight nose which could just be broader. Some fullness to her muzzle developing. Cheeks to fill for balance, firm, broad chin and bite just acceptable. Her ears are medium, a fraction open at the base with rounded tips, fitting well into the contours of her head. Her eyes are proportionally large to her head, with good width between, well rounded and well opened. The colour is muddy and still developing; she has a super open British expression. Her body is very broad across the rump and equally so the shoulders, deep chest supported on legs which could be stronger and thicker for balance but they are short with firm rounded paws. She has a short tail which is somewhat tapered to the end with a rounded tip. Her coat is superb – it is a master class in good British coat, not a hint of kitten softness, it is short, dense and crisp. The density having a real resilience and the crisp texture giving the coat a real luxurious feel, easily one of the two best coats I handled today, really fantastic. The colour is sound black with a slight hint of brownness throughout. A very forward nature, a pleasure to handle.

M, 1st & BOB – Ashton’s PAWSOME EMPRESS (BSH a 02 62) F 10/08/16.

A nicely compact lady of good type. Round head with good breadth to the skull with full cheeks and fairly small ears set well. Rounded forehead with short nose, firm chin and level bite. Round eyes with open expression and rich orange colour. Weighty body of cobby type with low hind quarters, short strong legs, tail with rounded tip to balance. Coat dense though perhaps a touch long but with a hint of crispness to the texture. Has her 60% white, with inverted “V” to face. White down the neck chest and tummy, also on all four legs. Plenty of white on the body with sound mid blue patches to sides over back and shoulders., A sweet tempered girl in excellent condition. A good example of the breed.